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3 Metre Bifold Doors

Openings that are three metres wide is probably the most standard size for bifold doors in England. It’s the ideal size for the back of most standard rooms. Typically a three metre opening would be at the back of a living room, kitchen and even a bedroom. You may be replacing the original sliding doors that came with the house. Sliding doors were popular with developers because they were the cheapest option. The old ones are clunky and lack the safety options of modern sliding doors.

In this article we will explore what options for configurations there are for three metre bifold doors.

3 Metre Bifold Door Options

If you have a 3-metre patio door space in your home, one of the main decisions to make is what type of doors to install.

The three main options are bifold doors, sliding doors and French doors.

Bifold doors remain the favourite because of the flexibility they offer and the opportunity to create a seamless transition between your patio and garden. Bifold doors are an excellent choice for your 3-metre patio door space.

Read on for benefits and downsides, as well as the configuration options available.

light grey 3 metre bifold doors

Benefits of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are an excellent choice for a 3-metre space because they allow you to fully open the space on a warm day.

French doors in this space would require fixed glazed panels either side and sliding doors would mean that you have half the glazing there all the time.

Bifold doors give you the flexibility to chose three or four doors and chose which of those doors would be the master.

Origin aluminium bifold doors - optimum size chart

Cofiguration options for 3 Metre Bifold Doors

Using the table above, you can see that a 3-metre opening for bifold doors would ideally lend itself to three or four doors. 3-metre bifold doors are a popular size as it is ideal for the back of a room on the average family home.

It is always cheaper to have fewer doors, but this must be balanced with providing the right aesthetic. In most cases, doors of 1 metre in width should not look too big. Stand at the back of your house and look at the windows above and any other doors that are showing.

3-metre bifold doors with three doors provide the choice of any of the doors being the master door. Consider where the corridor is in your home. Where do you naturally walk to reach the outside? Is there anything blocking the centre door? Will you have to move the curtains aside if you open one of the end doors? You want the shortest route with the least obstacles to the master door. Also, consider which way the two doors are going to stack out of the way.

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