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Residence 9

Install our Residence 9 collection of windows and doors in your home. These traditional products will add a touch of elegance to any property, flooding your space with increased warmth and light. They are the perfect blend of trusted design and modern technology to create windows and doors that are designed to last for decades. Our collection will dramatically improve thermal efficiency in your home.

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Made To Measure

Our Residence 9 collection is completely made to measure to ensure the most accurate fit every time. Our bespoke products are fitted quickly and efficiently, meaning you could be enjoying their benefits sooner than you may think. Transform your property with our beautiful installations.

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Expert Manufacturing

The Residence 9 collection combines traditional craftsmanship and modern materials for a stunning finish. Made to replicate the look and feel of timber, the joints are butted together to convey a more traditional look. All our windows and doors are fully customisable to suit your style.

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Thermally Efficient

Install Residence 9 windows and doors in your property to start seeing improved thermal efficiency. The thermally broken chambers within our window profiles prevent excess heat loss from occurring. As a result, you may even begin to see a reduction in your heating bills, another added bonus.

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Enhance your property with our weatherproof Residence 9 collection. We use weather bars in our windows to ensure excess rainwater is filtered away from the main frame. This prevents the possibility of mould or damp. Our products never compromise on functionality or performance.

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Residence 9 Windows And Doors

Transform your property with our beautifully crafted Residence 9 windows and doors. Available in a number of configurations, they can be personalised to suit the style or period of your home. It’s never been easier to enhance your space, making your environment brighter and far more inviting. The modern manufacturing techniques used in the process will make your new windows and doors incredibly soundproof. This makes them the perfect solution for those who live by a busy main road.

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10-Year Guarantee

Our Residence 9 collection comes with an excellent 10-year guarantee. Have complete peace of mind with our quality products that have been designed to perform well for decades. The durable profiles are available in several colours, none of which will fade or tarnish in direct sunlight.

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Residence 9 Quote

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Additional Features

Highly Secure

Our Residence 9 collection is designed to be as secure as possible. We use sophisticated multi-locking systems within all our profiles to ensure there are no weak spots or points of leverage. Have the confidence in us to deliver market-leading results straight to your door. Our friendly team of expert installers aim to make the whole process as straightforward as possible, completing each job to the highest standards. Protect your property with our innovative, secure products.

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The Residence 9 collection was the first to use timber alternative windows. Made of durable uPVC, the windows and doors emulate the look and feel of woodgrain. Typically, timber windows absorb water leading to problems involving damp. Because our modern alternatives are made of uPVC, they are far more weatherproof, providing you with exceptional quality for years. Create the look of timber windows for an affordable price, a great investment for your property.

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Increased Sightlines

Our Residence 9 windows are available in a flush sash style. This is where the window sits flush against the frame, creating a sleek, elegant look. Not only does this look great, but it will also provide you with better sightlines and therefore extended views from your home. Their timeless style will complement any property type, while the premium materials ensure they never warp or tarnish. All our windows and doors are tightly sealed to prevent water ingress and unpleasant draughts.

Residence 9

Residence 9 Prices

To install our Residence 9 windows and doors in your property, turn to Styleglaze for a professional, efficient service. To request a free quote, use our simple contact form.

If you have any further questions regarding our contact form, also fill our online contact form. Alternatively, call us on 01327 300650 to speak with one of our experts directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different hardware options available?

Our Residence 9 collection is fully customisable to give you complete creative freedom. This includes our extensive range of hardware accessories and coloured finishes. We have everything from bold to traditional shades.

Does your collection come with a guarantee?

Sit back and relax with our windows and doors that come with an impressive 10-year guarantee. Our products are made with some of the best quality materials to ensure you are never disappointed with their performance.

What is the Residence 9 collection made of?

The collection is made from robust uPVC, a material that is extremely weatherproof and thermally efficient. Get the best of both worlds with our products that emulate the look of timber but are made to last incredibly well.

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